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Weekend Get-Aways

Whew, I’ve hardly been home these past couple of weeks and as a result I am tired. This is something that happens after you are a certain age, get out of your routine, have a few late nights, and the yawning becomes simply unbearable. We had two fun weekends (one was even sans child) and I had a work trip in between. As a result of all this gallivanting my maker business has been a little neglected but I’m ready to get back on track. I’m moving into a slightly bigger space at Dandelions & Rust this Saturday and will expand to more than just leather goods, I have been curating some resale goods, as well as other fun upcycled stuff - so if you haven’t yet, go to Dandelions & Rust to check out my wares and all the other cool vendors there. Additionally, I started reselling clothes on Poshmark (who am I?), which has been...interesting. I’ll keep you posted, or I’ll abandon it in 2 weeks and never speak of it again.

I had an entire blog post nearly written before I left for my trips about my recent attendance of the HOA annual meeting of my neighborhood, but I’ve decided to scrap it, well most of it at least. There wasn’t any significant entertainment, other than me volunteering to be secretary and to take care of a small flower bed near the entrance of our hood. Otherwise, it was way less Stars Hollow town meeting (shout out to all my fellow Gilmore Girls fans) than I wanted it to be. There was one stand out moment for me, it gave me pause and I have continued to think about it for the past two weeks.

In our neighborhood we have our very own “Otis”, you know harmless but often drunk guy from Mayberry? Quick side note, I have never really watched Mayberry, and the only reason I know about Otis is that I once dated a man, for a not insignificant time period, whose nickname was Otis. There was a time when I really knew how to pick ‘em. Anyway our neighborhood Otis hangs out at the local park and is generally non obtrusive. My husband talks to him on the regs when he goes to the park with our daughter and I always wave to him and say hello. One time he showed me the flies (you know for fishing) he had been tying and I feigned interest. Never has he harassed me or my family, he is polite, soft spoken, he just also happens to usually be drunk(ish). No judgement here, dude.

So after not insignificant debate regarding gutter maintenance, road paving, and late HOA fees, an older guy brought this man, Otis, up at the meeting, asking “Isn’t there something we can do about this?” He also mentioned about 15 times that public drunkenness was illegal, W.T. Actual F??? The conversation didn’t go far, although it was given more attention than I was comfortable with. You know those times in your life when you want to say something but you don’t? Either you’re too shocked or angry, or too much of a coward? Well this was definitely one of those times. BUT here’s what I wanted to say, “Otis (I do know his real name but in the interest of protecting the innocent, he will be Otis) does nothing to intimidate the neighborhood, he sits near the pond and smokes cigarettes. Sure maybe he sneaks a beer in a public space, but I’ve taken a walk or two around the neighborhood with a beer in my hand and nobody seemed to give two shits. Instead of wondering what we should ‘do’ about Otis, why don’t we wonder how we can have compassion towards Otis? Why not, the next time you see Otis and you want to judge him for his ‘public drunkenness’ why don’t you see how he’s doing? See if he needs anything or just be kind and say hello? Otis is part of our neighborhood and neighbors are supposed to take care of one another, we help each other start our cars when a battery has died, or shovel a drive way, I buy your god-damned Girl Scout cookies, why not help Otis feel like he is part of this neighborhood instead of trying to have him fucking arrested?” But again, I didn’t say any of this, instead the subject was abandoned after the very-well-spoken President of the HOA reminded the room that they were always welcome to call a welfare check on Otis but we couldn’t “do anything” about neighbors we just don’t “approve of.”

So let’s just all be nice to each other, even when we are different from one another, and even when we disagree. Is that cool? Oh and also, just in case you forgot, be kind and nice to yourself too. That’s all for this installment, not overly exciting but I have to get some rest and do a ridiculous amount of laundry. I mean seriously for a family of three we have a serious dirty clothes situation on our hands and I don’t totally understand it.

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